Wedding rings and Engagement rings

Most people, whilst shopping for jewellery browse stores and catalogues as well as paying close attention to what other people are wearing. Often their final purchase is a compromise – the closest match to what they really desire. With a custom jewellery design from Kian Design, there is no compromise. Kian Design offers an option – custom designed engagement rings, wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other fine jewellery.

Each personalised piece of Kian Design begins with a conversation between the client and our experienced designer and jeweller.

Using insight gained about the person, tastes, and special occasion, we will produce detailed Auto Cad photo- realistic images for client approval. Upon the client’s satisfaction with the design, we will fabricate the piece using only the highest quality materials.

Unique, timeless creations, as individual as the person wearing them have built Kian Design reputation for fine engagement, bridal, anniversary, special occasion and fashion jewellery pieces.